Create shared wallets

Create 1 or more multi-signature wallets between you and your team over any blockchain.

Customize your transactions

Select your currency, destination address, Amount, and your desired transaction fee and leave the rest on Cypher.

Approve your spendings jointly

Once you request to spend funds, Cypher will notify your team to approve the transaction.

Manage your wallets across all blockchains

Add funds to your wallets using their designated address on the blockchain and start initiating multi-signature transactions securely.

How are transactions executed on Cypher?

Regardless of the number of participants, every multi-signature transaction on WH Cypher is seen on a blockchain as a single user transaction, In that sense, the wallet participants remain anonymous.

Thanks to WH Cypher's threshold signatures technology, a multi-signature transaction performed by Cypher can be up to 20 times smaller and cheaper compared to a multi-signature transaction made by other wallets.