Download Cypher and start making transactions instantly, no signup required.

Execute transactions across any blockchain, by using one or more multi-signature cosigners.

Use Cypher while knowing that your funds are twice as secured using threshold cryptography and eliminating any single point of failure caused by a single private key.

Why Cypher?

WH Cypher is designed to make all your multi-signature cross-chain transactions happen in one place. Providing you with a whole new level of security and speed using threshold signatures, and eliminating the need to pay for costly smart contract transactions.

See for yourself

The approximate cost of a Multi-signature transaction on each blockchain

Blockchain Fees in
WH Cypher
Fees in
Other Wallets
Ethereum 20 USD 400 USD
Bitcoin 2 USD 4 USD
Tron 0.1 USD 2.0 USD
Bitcoin Cash 0.01 USD 0.02 USD
Bitcoin SV 0.045 USD N/A

Works on




Binance Smart Chain

The first multi-signature wallet to operate on



Bitcoin SV

Available on

Frequently asked questions

WH Cypher is a Multi-signature wallet that operates using Threshold signature technology. Cypher allows users to create shared wallets across multiple blockchains and execute transactions jointly.

Unlike other wallets, Cypher does not require using smart contracts for recording transactions on the blockchain instead, transactions done through Cypher are recorded as a single transaction on-chain, making it cheaper, more secure, and faster with executing multi-signature transactions

A multi-signature transaction is a crypto transaction that is executed by 2 or more parties, by creating a joint Multi-signature wallet together, users can receive, send, and store crypto transactions jointly.

A Multi-signature transaction can only be executed once the minimum number of required signatures is fulfilled (Minimum approvals to spend).

While regular Multi-signature wallet transactions are executed using smart contracts, WH Cypher was created to avoid smart contracts and instead utilize Threshold signatures with executing transactions, this allows our users to spend less on transaction fees (or gas fees) and execute faster transactions.

You can create Multi-signature wallets starting with 2 and up to 16 participants. The minimum signatures that are required to execute a transaction can be set up by the creator of the wallet.

There's no limit to creating wallets on Cypher, users can create shared wallets with multiple different users across multiple blockchains.

Cypher currently supports the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron.

However, there's no limit for the blockchains that we could support, so stay tuned for more!

You can receive and use any token that operates on our supported blockchains mentioned above, for more information, feel free to reach out to us.

You can add crypto to your wallet by copying your designated wallet address that can be found under “Multisig wallets” and going to your existing wallet or exchange to send funds to your new Cypher wallet address.